The Paula Wilshe Award for New Writers in SH

In 2003, we introduced the Paula Wilshe Award for New
Writers in SH. This award honors Paula Wilshe, who
passed away on July 22, 2003 and has been greatly
missed. Paula loved to encourage new writers in the
fandom, so this is one small way of remembering her
and celebrating our writers. 

  • 2003 - Kaye Austen Michaels
  • 2004 - (tie) JatSapphire and Dana Austin Marsh
  • 2005 - Morgan Logan
  • 2006 - (tie) CC and Kate
  • 2007 - RebelCat
  • Once a writer wins this award, she is no longer eligible for future Wilshe awards. ELIGIBILITY: Any writer who has had Starsky & Hutch fanfic (gen or slash) published for the first time (in a zine or on the Internet) between January, 2003 and May, 2008 is eligible to be nominated. It is acceptable for a writer to nominate herself. That's a five-year span. Why five years? -- considering how fast people get into and out of fandoms today, it's likely some nominees might already be out of the fandom. After a lot of input and discussion we settled on five years to give folks who have been working at their writing for a while to get some acknowledgment. Even if they ended up getting into another fandom a few years ago, we're still enjoying what they produced for us in their SH years. And typically, fans that haven't been in the fandom for decades compete for other awards, like the Huggies, with much better-known and better-established writers. Very few new writers break into those established awards, which isn't very encouraging. And the primary purpose of the Paula Wilshe Award is to *encourage* writers -- something Paula was known for. By giving the award every year at Zcon and SHareCon, it means writers in this time bracket have a few years to compete for it, leveling the playing field a bit. Not sure if your favorite writer is eligible within the time span -- ask her! HOW TO NOMINATE: Send nominations to Keri, who is managing the award process this year. Please list author, email address, and any URL of their writing you might have, one author per line. You may nominate as many authors as you like! Keri will respond to your nominations with an email that acknowledges receipt. If you have sent in a nomination and haven't heard back from her within a week, please submit again. She'll be more than happy to answer all questions, or to help clarify any confusions you might have. (She just asks for a little patience this year if she's a little slow in getting back to you.) If at all possible, when sending nominations, please include the writer's email address, so Keri can verify their eligibility, and where they were published (if on the internet, try to send the url, the list name, or website. If you don't have a clue, that's okay, it won't disqualify your nominee, but it will make Keri's work a bit more challenging. You can send in as many writers for nominations that you want. The top 10 nominees will be listed for the vote. ************ *** The winning writer will be announced at SHarecon during the main party on Saturday night. The winner will not have to be there to receive the award (another reason for the email address, so we can contact the winner!). Keri will be taking nominations until July 5th. The top 10 nominees will be announced on July 6th for final voting. Voting will continue until August 3rd, 9:00, CDT, which will be the drop-dead date for final voting. Winners will be announced at the con, and will be announced on line as soon as possible after the live announcement. If you have any questions or comments, please email Keri. Thanks in advance for your participation in this very special award, back to top